Friday, May 10, 2013

1: The Book that Stole My Heart

I thought choosing the first book would be hard. I love a lot of books--it's hard for me to pick a favorite--so how could I ever pick just one that came swooping in, all dashing and daring and wonderful, and took my heart like it had always belonged to it in the first place? I thought it would be impossible. I was wrong.

It was an easy choice. There's really only one book that stole my heart that way. I wonder, is it still stealing if you're glad it was taken, and want the thief to keep it forever?

Life of Pi, book by Yann Martel - Book review
Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

I am absolutely smitten with this novel. It has animals and God and adventure on the high seas, so what, exactly, is in here not to love? Yann Martel had me at this book was born as I was hungry. And from that first line to the last, he never let me go.


  1. I was actually told I wouldnt like this book/movie because of how it ends.... hmmmm... I know I wouldnt like the movie. I cant handle animals dying. I also maintain that Harry Potter was the correct answer to this.

  2. There was a bit in the middle that, yeah, was pretty hard to read (I don't like animals dying either), but it happens rather quickly and then it's over. I LOVE THE MOVIE. The part only takes about ten seconds movie time, and the rest of it is worth it. As for the end, I don't know why you wouldn't like it; I think it ends beautifully and brilliantly and not painfully at all. (: